Following the laboratory inauguration which took place in the presence of the Magnificent Rector of the University of Rome La Sapienza, we are pleased to announce the first opening day to external visitors of the Poggio Baldi landslide monitoring lab (Santa Sofia, FC) on 10 May 2022.

During the visit to the large landslide of Poggio Baldi (FC), besides deepening the knowledge of the geological/geomorphological processes that led to the catastrophic event of March 2010, the natural monitoring laboratory realized within the project “Department of Excellence for Earth Sciences” will be described.

The event is open to all interested parties, in particular to Geologists, Engineers, Surveyors, Architects and all companies operating in the field of surveying and monitoring, land protection and emergency management.

Practical demonstrations of the use of the most modern technologies for rock-fall monitoring (e.g. Laser Scanner, Radar Interferometry, Photogrammetry, Photomonitoring, acoustic) will be carried out by the researchers of the laboratory.

The event registration form is available at the following link:

On the 26 October 2021, the Poggio Baldi landslide monitoring lab was inaugurated by the Magnificent Rector of the University of Rome La Sapienza,  Professor Antonella Polimeni, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Santa Sofia, Daniele Valbonesi.